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Smoking hotel how to "virgin customers" a good impression

Smoking hotel open for business, coming and going every day consumers will always be some "new faces" into the store to buy or just look at the so-called virgin customer actually refers to those customers for the first time in your store to buy something. For such customers, what can you leave him under. Simply put, it is how to put customers into repeat customers, so they often have the desire to buy your store consumer, allowing them to inadvertently advertise your smoking hotel. Many smoking hotel owners will find themselves in this regard actually overlooked a lot, a lot of smoke secondary or multiple hotel consumers purchase rate is very low, some did not even think about it as a smoking hotel owner, for the first time customers who buy, what we give him, the customer has repeatedly purchased what we can give him.
Impression 1: comfortable environment
Shopping environment will have a huge impact on the customer's shopping psychology. In real operation, we will see some good location, although the shops, but the display of goods messy, disorganized, store atmosphere without leaving the business is concentrated depression phenomenon. Therefore, to retain customers into the store, it is necessary to create a comfortable shopping environment. First, from the display of goods, to appear neat and orderly, and to leave adequate space between the commodity, not too crowded, the customer must promptly turned chaotic commodity homing; followed by health conditions must improve to ground cleaning, wash freighter, with particular attention to some of the dead, clean shop, orderly commodity, to a certain extent, to stimulate consumer desire to buy; the other is smoking hotel atmosphere, first lights to be bright, gives a clear sense, followed by the product arranged to coincide with the season now until this summer, to be fresh, insights, cool colors, giving a feeling of coolness blowing.
Impression 2: speak enthusiasm
For the first time customers into the store to buy his first impression is your attitude towards them is warm or cold, if you take the initiative enthusiastically greet customers, customer your first impression will be very good, they have to realize shopping possible. As the saying goes: man without a smiling face off shop, remarks to three warm in winter, is the truth. Some hotels tend to smoke because business is busy, this omission, lukewarm attitude, the possibility of customer transactions will be smaller. Customers also this mentality, half the time of purchase of goods half attitude, they buy something anyway, where not to buy? As long as they really comfortable, it would be readily Tao Yinzi. I will say a few words on it, just to keep the consumer, the final beneficiary or their own. Especially when the customer leaves the store, to be polite and say goodbye to the customer and give them a good impression, saying: not a business in friendship. For some customers because they fear that in terms of quality, price, etc., a disadvantage is that you introduced, they also tend to shop around before making a purchase after. And when they are making money, found basically the same, but this time floating in his mind the first impression is the operator on his degree of respect, politeness, they will not hesitate to come back to you again store shopping.