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Refined service initiatives, provide warmth service

If you want to do this work in place, a number of departments will be fit to play a good logistics center "leading role", good distribution of resources, make good use of opportunities; secondly, on the road to be clear in the chest. To find a road which has straw to bypass this road. Second, we must find out which way was dug. In order to facilitate the paddy water, many village roads were dug drainage, if you do not understand the case, do duplication, wasted valuable time delivery. To do this some of us in the door to the implementation of cigarette distribution, it is necessary to understand the distribution of retail customers on the line, as soon as possible in order to develop plans.
Third, make an appointment in advance. This approach is best, but also our "three summer" busy time to do most things. An appointment can take three ways: The first is by appointment only. And customers in advance by telephone appointment with cigarette distribution approximate time, so that customers in this time period keep Nayan shop or home sales visits, the other time to do something else, so that the two do not delay; the second is the use of SMS alerts . It is to send text messages to customers make the cigarette distribution or to adjust the time of the visit. However, this approach is very useful in peacetime, when busy the effect will be worse, because the customer to field work, with a cell phone is not convenient, does not carry a cell phone, of course you will not see the message; the third is the use of online ordering platform reminder. Each client must implement online ordering cycle, when they open online ordering interface, you will find that you sent me a reminder that this effect is quite good.
Of these three approaches, the phone can be better to make reservations in advance, because the customer received your call, they will be impressed and will not appear do not look at the phenomenon of text messaging.
Busy period of service work is very important, we do the finer, more convenient to give retail customers, the service will establish a business and good image of the industry. In this case, the front-line service personnel must strive to meet their service needs, providing them with personalized, humane, warmth and meticulous service.
First into the field to refine service. For visits during the busy and distribution services, account managers and delivery personnel point to the store is not enough, but also depth of field, to the field job. Busy period, retail customers have to shop, but also work in the fields, there is probably time outsmarted. If they are not in store, we do not abandon the family? Of course not, it does not matter when you are gone, it may lead to customer orders within a period not to sell cigarettes.