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Leaving boast customer

When a customer bought goods, knot finishing up to leave, we had better learn how to use sweet Lingshou Hu and customer farewell. In this case they may wish to take this opportunity to boast a boast to enhance customer goodwill, deepen customer impression, maybe it will be they will become repeat customers. For example: "brother (sister) really refreshing today, once bought these goods, thank patrons are welcome to come back next time, ah, I will wholeheartedly service!" Or say: "Brother (sister), met you today so frank and sincere people really destined, I played was very happy, thank you for your patronage. I hope you take care of a lot of business ah! "I said some words of praise, then watched the customer leaves. Just so polite and restrained, so sincere, friendly, customer heart is not touched by it? I would like to move customers it is an inevitable thing, their hearts very clear, I feel very Lingshou Hu cares about him, respect him very happy and comfortable shopping here. They may also think of shopping anyway East and West is shopping, shopping can Lingshou Hu met his praise is not much, this store shopping feel good, so things become repeat customers is naturally makes sense of.
In short, Lingshou Hu to learn to praise the customer, so as to enable customers in the whole process of the sale, and my heart was filled with joy and pleasure, so gladly traded in the store. But praise the customer is a science, art and the need to master certain skills, in particular, be careful not to boast paste regardless of settings regardless of time together, otherwise it becomes like a little flattery, flatter please the suspects, so that customers feel Lingshou Hu not in good faith, but false. As the saying goes: "talking people laugh, angry people can not speak." So Lingshou Hu praised the customer must pay attention to timely and appropriate, reasonable tone and sense of propriety, they want to deliver a friendly and sincere praise , so as to play a better effect. Otherwise outdated inappropriate praise, it will be counterproductive, causing customer resentment, and even make a joke, the trouble to come up, so that is not conducive to retail, but also hurt the feelings of the customer. Therefore, we must be careful when customers praise, showing good faith, and to grasp the opportunity, should not be self-defeating, counterproductive.
With this lesson, then I would have done to pave the way to work before the sale of cigarettes. For example, cigarette classification, hard-mounted together, put in a bunch of soft, I will be based on high, medium and low price points on three smoke cabinet area. Some are particularly vulnerable to the chaos cigarette with a big price tag to focus mark, then when the sale of cigarettes, and I would seriously view is hard-mounted or soft box. Business, no matter how busy, but also look and then shipped.
to sum up
Seen in this light, the cigarette of the "twin", we should not only pay attention to their display methods, but also pay attention to their daily business activities. To prevent in advance, in the event of problems to find the point of error, to make timely and effective ways to correct them.