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Caution summer cigarette business

Hi! Lingshou Hu friends from all over the country, Hello, everyone! Parents who operate the rainy season, and usually different compared to what? Rainy season, how to ensure that the store will not be flooded? Rainy season, how to prevent store merchandise is not exposed to moisture, mildew, especially cigarettes? Cigarette moisture, mildew, what's unique approach you? Currently cigarette store inventory situation? Today, we gather together, to share your coup it! Tanghe County, Henan Province village Qi instrument Itakura cigarette Lingshou Hu Liu Mingli
Rainy, street people less, the customer could not help but feel depressed sparse owner, this is human nature thing, of course, no business is good sunny day many people, this phenomenon is more serious in rural areas.
I store a relatively large stock of cigarettes, especially those selling tobacco stocks generally are about 400, high-grade cigarette inventory will be more, I usually take a promotion in the summer to digest the store inventory. In particular, some wedding with smoke, greater promotional efforts, such as: gold leaf (Nanyang), Tarzan (red show), Yellow Crane Tower (years of red), Yellow Crane Tower (blessing), Tarzan (grand), Yellow Crane Tower (Dream), and so on. Where to shop around consumption in 1000 was sent to a cool summer, about 500 yuan to send a kettle, around 2000 to send a recliner. Get a store for inventory implementation of marketing, will be reduced to a minimum stock of cigarettes, cigarette sales in big stock soon, the probability of the occurrence of mildew cigarette digestion will be reduced, as the owner we will not have to fear.
Nanyang City, Henan Tanghe County Qi instrument Township T-junction Hai Hai hotel name cigarettes deposit deposit
I said I shop for 16 years, summed up some experience in the business of it! Do not laughed at it! I shop opened in rural areas, poor living conditions, people leasing the house, despite the poor conditions, but the preventive measures of health and my store cigarettes do still in place, following talk about my coup it!
First, in the ordinary course of business, I am good at collecting, some unbundling of large biscuit moisture agent following packages are collected, put it inside a thick plastic bag. In the summer, I put these moisture-proof agent packet of cigarettes out on the separate counters, as well as easy to damp corner, can be used for moisture dehumidifier. There is a warehouse of old damp walls, I use a few pieces of lime, into the warehouse, normally replaced at any time, so that timely treatment if we find the warehouse merchandise damp conditions.
Second, the newspaper folded in a plastic bag house, shop in the store cupboard stock cigarettes, the cigarettes stacked "pyramid" shape, up to 20 layers, which can reduce the contact area with the ground cigarettes, newspapers can also absorb moisture.
Thirdly, I shop selling Liby detergent apart, poured into a plastic box inside the store on the corner of a wet, detergent suck moisture condenses into massive, it is also a good method of dehumidification, However, the moisture absorption can also be used laundry detergent, do both.