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Brand recognition and brand image across

Club-style large-scale single store supermarket alcohol, category, variety, to attract more consumers to shop for the consumer, so the higher turnover of a single point.
Brand, is every enterprise's life. Comprehensive competitive viability of the store brand is strong, it is possible to store long-term healthy development, and vice versa, even if the market in a slump. Market like a battlefield, winner takes all, this is the iron law of historical development. Everyone is unstoppable. In the initial phase the store, a lot of operators in a blind or basic empirical founder, store operations, can not really say that from a strategic point of view to think about brand positioning itself storefront development. In the tide of entrepreneurship into the development of the future, to further enhance the market share and expand market reach, enhance product image and expand the brand, which is imperative.
Since the unified chain brand recognition system, inheritance, the achievement of the overall chain stores across the terminal stores the image and promotion, which are small-scale smoking hotel had to go it alone can not be achieved. The club-style supermarket alcohol and tobacco cause large stores, store signs eye-catching, strong brand recognition will be conducive to brand communication.
Chain enterprises unified, unified name stores appearance, unified advertising, information, unified purchase, unified accounting and inventory and unified administration of the chain stores. Chain allows the chain store operators who participate in a unified management training of operators, including store marketing, store management, customer management and other aspects of knowledge and skills to achieve improve store staff skills and management quality. Unified training, so that each chain store managers get systematic management of knowledge and skills standardized, avoiding the original blind, random, scattered state.
Club-style supermarket alcohol and tobacco cause large storefront, service personnel, standardized management is also essential. Only standardized management, process management, in order to reduce customer complaints minimum, achieve sustainable store.
Fourth, accurate service, improve customer loyalty
Consumer demand is multifaceted, effectively grasp the core needs of consumers, so that consumers feel the love, caring. Aggregated consumer information, and strive to become a valuable member of the customer, by investing in their personal or their family members, relatives or emotional public relations, customer chain in exchange for the goodwill and continued consumer store operated products.
Members need to mobilize the passion, members need to cultivate loyalty, members of the consumer need guidance. The membership as a real friend to care before they can exchange for continued consumer members customers.
Future prospects smoking hotel is bright and beautiful, as long as we can always stand in the forefront of development of the industry, and constantly adapt to the changing situation in the industry, and will be able to find patterns and directions for development of the industry.