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Tuesday 31 May, 2016 | RSS Feed

How to sale cigarettes best

Shop for so many years, the store's cigarette brands increased year after year, coupled with increasingly stringent national policy on tobacco control, the store sold a lot of naturally appear particularly slow cigarette brands, and some even put a cigarette for two months We will not sell a box. We put these brands of cigarettes referred to as "poor sales of cigarettes." When the store leisure and colleagues chat, we talked about the store unsalable smoke can be said that most of our Lingshou Hu a "heart disease." Unsalable smoke not only affects the liquidity of our store, a lot of time but also because of the economic losses caused by improper care, serious cases will also affect the relationship between our customers and Lingshou Hu. This situation between me and a few friends Lingshou Hu better relations after the exchange, and in-depth analysis by the shop for so many years on the consumer market, I think, to deal with unsalable cigarettes they each have their own highlights several shop , each have their own unique. They own the store unsalable cigarettes are basically processed to the extreme. Let's take a look at their own tricks it. And solidarity Road Pingluo Xiyuan Street intersection Grand Supermarket
I usually do not smoke, looking at those who sell the unsalable smoke I am helpless, I put my cigarette unmarketable basically done off the ground and the merchandising of promotional items. I made the customer to a customer to suck in his smoking while conversing with customers, over time he became my old customers. Customer-time in my shop to buy more than 100 yuan of goods, if the customer is smoking, I gave him a box of 10 yuan unsalable tobacco, customers get a windfall happily away. Next time to buy things directly to me come here. In turn, think about it, they did not give away unsalable cigarettes actually, it brought me a steady stream of business, is "a blessing in disguise blessing in disguise."
Nanyang City, Henan Tanghe County Township Qi meter sea T-junction keep smoke wines
In daily operations, due to poor sales of cigarettes is difficult to sell some brands a month or two to sell a box, two boxes, sales volume is very small, but also take up a lot of cash flow can not store, over time, a lot of retail households also put it more forgotten. Some Lingshou Hu it, simply put it the best place to shop by its inconspicuous place to go "to sleep," no one is interested do not bother to take care of it. Customer is not easy to see, naturally put more store has become "antique" merchandise. Lingshou Hu, as this would be extremely desirable, I think, the more we sell cigarettes, the more we have to go to the intentions of "care" they can. Or changing new tricks to display them, for example, put them into different shapes, the "heart" shape, "number sign" shape "inverted eight" shape, etc., into the store the most prominent position

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